LTB/400® is one of the leading solutions specifically designed for the aviation industry. This software is designed to help aviation professionals manage various aspects of their work. These modules can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as inventory management, maintenance scheduling, work order tracking, Continuing Airworthiness management system etc.

These modules are designed to be modular, flexible, and fully integrated, which means that they can be customized to meet the specific needs of each user. They are also designed to be easy to use and intuitive.

The benefits of using our titanium. aero modules include:

  • Increased efficiency: We can help aviation professionals streamline their work processes, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Improved accuracy: By automating many of the tasks associated with aviation work, these software modules can help reduce the risk of errors and improve accuracy.
  • Better communication: Our core integrated modules can help improve communication between different departments and teams, which can lead to better collaboration and more effective decision-making.
  • Cost savings: By reducing the need for manual labor and improving efficiency, our labor time tracking and variuos employee related modules can help aviation professionals save money on labor costs and other expenses which occurs during maintenance and offtimes.

With over 40 years of experience in the aviation business, we know the problems and requirements inside out.
Our goal is to significantly accelerate the processes of all departments
and make them more efficient. LTB/400®.neo combines numerous disciplines in an interface-free solution for optimally interlinked processes.

Advantages and Benefits

  • LTB/400® calculates and monitors all important dates and data for you
  • LTB/400® provides you with the information you need at all times: Traceability, Reliability, Capability
  • LTB/400® manages individual access rights
  • LTB/400® is a fail-safe system of the highest quality
  • Backup possible at any time of day, even during production times
  • Connection to existing system is possible
  • Data can be imported and exported at any time
  • Work orders can be imported by the customer / CAMO
  • With LTB/400®, customizing efforts become your decisive competitive advantage instead of a financial burden
  • Integrated Document Management system
  • Integrated office tasks such as Mail system, Calendar and Task management

Cost Savings

  • Little training required, as LTB/400® comes from practice and was developed for practice
  • The simple and clear process flows in LTB/400® save you time and money
  • Short and punctual project implementation phases with LTB/400
  • Optimum Price-Performance ratio
  • LTB/400® provides you with an accurate and immediate overview of orders
  • Planning not only for maintenance that is already due, but also for future maintenance
  • Project Management with milestones (budget, deadline, target time)

Software Functions Overview

LTB/400® is one of the leading solutions developed specifically for the aviation industry.
This software supports all aspects of your organization and integrates seamlessly into your technical and commercial processes.

  • Maintenance Management (MRO)
  • Component Management
  • Quality Management
  • CAMO, Flight Operation and Fleet Monitoring
  • Document management
  • Personnel management
  • Production management
  • CAD integration and PDM
  • Interfaces to accounting systems or other systems


With the Dent and Buckle feature,  LTB/400® allows recording and documenting the damages and repairs of an Aircraft accurately. A precise Aircraft Damage report also can be generated.


Import of the work package from CAMP: Selection of the work package from CAMP for downloading to LTB/400®, generation of work orders in LTB/400®, generation of work cards, Work instructions from CAMP are automatically transferred


Spare parts ordering via integrated interface: Price enquiries, orders from LTB/400® for Airbus Helicopters France, Germany and American Airbus Helicopters, AOG, Rush / Routine, creation of planned orders, multiple items possible, differentiation between enquiry and


Less unscheduled maintenance work and operational interruptions! More aircraft availability at lower costs! Avilytics is a fully operational aircraft reliability management solution that also provides insight into upcoming potential technical failures and organisational efficiency analysis.


Module for transferring external EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) documents to LTB/400 ERP table structures or internal documents to external EDI formats. Supported formats are ANSI.X12, ODETTE, EDIFACT, supported directories are UN-EDIFACT 90.1, 90.2, D93A, D96A,